Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands.

Steve & Carol
Tue 27 Mar 2012 14:54
18:30.45N 64:22.40W
We left Simpson Bay lagoon with Tactical Directions and Tuatara for a night passage to Virgin Gorda, Jean on Tuatara had began to feel unwell an hour before we left so they anchored outside the bridge instead of making the passage. The forecast was for light winds 10-15 knots but we didn't get even 10 so motor sailed. For some reason at 0330 UTC I checked the bilge, I often check all's ok when we are underway and had looked a few hours earlier when all was well. However this time there was water flying around the bottom of the engine up to the prop shaft, (that's about 4 ft. of water in the bilge!)initially we thought it was from an engine cooling pipe (we had had a leak and temporarily fixed it till we can get the correct part) so we turned the engine off and shut the water intake fitting, however the bilge pump was working flat out and the water level not reducing so we started a second pump, at this point Steve noticed that the deck wash assembly was gushing water and so turned the hull fitting off and at last we began to make progress on reducing the water level, after and hour with Tony standing by we were able to start the engine again and get underway
, drama over.
This morning after passing Richard Branson's Necker Island we are checked in to the BVI’s and anchored in the turquoise water of North Sound SW of Prickly Pear Island with Yindee Plus and Tactical Directions. Its very hot 29 degrees at 10.30am local time and the water is calling me for a swim.