Day 8 Downpour Day

Steve & Carol
Thu 29 Dec 2011 14:25
15.09.22N 42:19.91W at 1400 UTC
We were reading our emails yesterday from the other boats who left Mindelo around with us, one from a yacht called Wind Charger said they unfortunately lost their cruising chute the night before in light wind, they had got it wrapped around the forestay the day before that and thought it must have got damaged then! Low and behold if our cruising chute didn't decide to tie itself in a big knot as we read! it took us an hour to sort it out luckily there was no damage and we got it back up again for the rest of the day. We have had a good 24 hours sailing with stronger winds most of the time so at last we are moving and have covered 979nm and will be having our halfway party later today! This morning brought a couple of squalls, our first of the trip and what fun, Steve had just gone to bed for a snooze and I was on watch, there were clouds building (we were sailing with Genoa, 3 reefs in main and mizzen) and then all of a sudden a 35knots of wind and a torrential downpour which flattened the sea, I grabbed a jacket – which happened to be Steve's and helmed, Steve came to reef the genoa and as I had his jacket he didn't have one to wear so had a shower a little earlier than planned, anyway the squalls didn't last long, were exhilarating and we have a washed boat as an added bonus.
We are getting used to the sleeping but Steve seems to get all the bad luck and gets woken for squalls & sail changes etc (seems to think I do it on purpose)!
We have gybed our way so far as do not have a pole that is suitable to pole out genoa – its too short so sail broadbroad reach with cruising chute and 3 reef main to steady and mizzen, its very comfortable - if a little slow.