Day 3 Almost half way!

Steve & Carol
Thu 1 Dec 2011 14:02

22:08.23N 19:59.50W

All's well on Innamorata, the wind had died down and gone more northerly so we put the cruising chute up at daylight, still going slowly but weather good – not a cloud in the sky and its hot so we don't care, we are officially in the tropics now having crossed the tropic of cancer in the night. Last night we had our first Atlantic spotted dolphins, lively little things who we re intent on playing and not in the least bit interested in us (unlike striped and common dolphins who seem to look up at the boat while riding the bow wave). We also saw our first and only ship just after dusk – we know there are more about because we hear them on the VHF. Auto pilot is working – we think there was too much weather helm and it just got hot and bothered! Almost half way!