Marie Galant, Guadeloupe

Steve & Carol
Thu 15 Feb 2024 18:00
15:54.667N 061:20.176W 
With a good forecast we decided to sail up to Marie Galant along the Atlantic coast of Dominica instead of struggle with the wind shadow on the leeward side, we left St Pierre with a lot of other boats but we were the only ones who chose the route we did, apart from a slightly sloppy bit of sea in the middle of the passage when the wind was a bit light we had another good sail, in the distance I saw a whale surface and blow off - just the one and by the time I pointed it out to Steve only the plume of water from its blow off was still visible! 
By the time we arrived at Marie Galant it wasn't long before it would be dark so we chose to anchor on the west coast in the shallow clear water.