Santa Ponsa

Steve & Carol
Tue 3 May 2022 19:00
Our spot was very sheltered and we weren’t effected by the swell like the boats on the other side of the anchorage, we didn’t bother going ashore as it didn’t look very interesting and the wind was gusty and strong at times so we stayed on board, we hadn’t appreciated that we were near the route of a trip boat which came in a few times a day to pick up and drop off passengers, although we weren’t in their way the drivers seemed to liked to come in at full throttle and make as much wash as they could as they came past the anchored boats - good old Innamorata didn’t mind at all! There was a little bit of drama when the wind was up a catmaran dragged its anchor onto another catamaran! From Innamorata we could see that there was a dinghy stuck under the boat dragging - we thought it strange we had only seen one person on the boat and were concerned that they had had an accident in the dinghy - maybe dinghy lurched forward and he hit his head and was still in the dinghy? The boat that it had dragged into fended it off and the husband got on the boat - to start engine and move it etc but it was all locked up so they had no choice but to let it slip by. We decided to put our engine on the dinghy and went over just to be sure that there wasn’t anyone in the dinghy under the boat! The dinghy was empty, not long after we got there the owner came racing over with a friend in the friends dinghy - they had been ashore and just realised that the boat had moved! Soon it was re-anchored. Then there was the charter boat that came hurtling into the anchorage obviously not paying any attention to the well charted big tube underwater which has only 1.5meters clearance over it and crash, it stopped very suddenly making quite a noise before backing off and motoring away- I wonder it they will tell the charter company they bashed the keel rather hard🤔! Anyway it was a good safe spot but not one we are in a hurry to return to, so as soon as the weather improved we were off to find a more picturesque spot.