Over to Zut in search of some good snorkelling!

Steve & Carol
Fri 26 Aug 2022 11:30
43:52.149N 015:19.556E 
On Navily - a sailing info App we use there is meant to be good snorkelling on Zut - it's in the Kornati Archipelago but isn’t part of the Korinati national park - which costs 600HRK or just under £68.00 a night and of course we like to anchor for free so we are giving it a miss! So we headed over to Zut and anchored in one of the bays, the island has some summer homes, but no permanent residents. The bay we anchored in has 3 small restaurants one in each corner of the anchorage, these all have a few moorings and small docks for boats to moor on which are free to those who eat in the restaurant. We chose a spot in-between of these to anchor and soon we were on our boards going for a paddle. We headed to the edge and then along the shore, we spotted one of the donkeys which apparently live on the island, it seemed quite switched on as it was braying at the gate of one of the summer / holiday homes asking for food, soon the occupiers came out armed with carrots and some water for it and we headed back to the boat to get in the water, check the anchor out and see if we can find some fish! The bottom is hard sand on rock or just rock so the anchor was slightly dug in and the chain was wrapped around a rock 🙄, there isn’t any wind or weather forecast so it will do but not great! We snorkelled around, saw some fish, nothing very exciting though and somewhat disappointing, we did notice that the other boats anchors were all just lying on the surface and there weren’t really any areas of sand that looked good to anchor in! in the evening we went ashore with Craig for a little walk to see if we could find the donkey to give some veg to but couldn’t so went back to Adriana for sundowners. 
The next day Craig left for another anchorage and we stayed - went for a walk to to a church which overlooks the anchorage and has a good view of the surrounding bays and islands. The path is rugged with old stone walls and olive groves along much of it, the only property along the way was an old ruin,
a bit further on we came to the church, peeking through a window we could see it was still used - not too sure who by and on what occasions though?
We had thought we would get a good view out towards the Kornati park but sadly there wasn’t much of a view that way, there was however a nice view towards the anchorage and mainland!