San Sebastian, La Gomera

Steve & Carol
Sun 27 Nov 2011 08:49
28:05.35N 17:06.47W
Our quiet anchorage turned into a fairground ride in the night with swell rolling in and the boat rolling (violently at times) consequently we got little sleep and come daylight we decided to head for San Sebastian. We arrived and filled up with fuel then were allocated a berth next to Tsolo an American boat we have met a few times, Annerie and Walter on Ikinoo (from Aveiro) are here as well so we had a little reunion. San Sebastian is probably the nicest place we have been to in the Canaries, its much more Spanish looking and less high rise than the other islands.
m_DSCF0870       m_DSCF0864 
The Atlantic rowers are also here leaving on the 4th December for their crossing, and we thought we were brave! There are solo, pairs, 4 & 6 teams – it will take between 45 –100 days for them to get across and the boats are tiny (the longest time is something like 110 days). I once did 22 miles down the river Thames and that was hard enough! Of the 452 rowing boat crews to ever attempt this Atlantic crossing, only 284 have succeeded.

There is 6 man team of army lads, 2 abled bodies and 4 injured who are doing it for the charity Row2Recovery,



There is also a 6 girl team hoping to beat the girls record.

They really have no protection from the elements and in the 6 man/girl boats not really enough room to all get in a pod in bad weather, we though we had it bad at times!
At the moment we are trying to sort out problems with our Satellite phone talking to our computer again (our means of getting weather whilst at sea)
we are all set to head for the Cape Verdes once we have it sorted.