Dos Mosquises

Steve & Carol
Fri 15 Jun 2018 16:29
11:47.79N 66:53.70W
We had arestful couple of days exploring, snorkelling and relaxing at Carenero - we did finish cleaning the hull below water – a never ending task as the water is so warm growth appears very quickly but we try to keep on top of it.
We set off for the 7/8 mile sail to Dos Mosquises, avoiding the shallows, the charts are not accurate here but its easy to see the deeper water and avoid coral heads etc. We have anchored off the south island where there is a marine research and fisheries station, they hatch turtle eggs here and release them when they are a year old so we are going to see if we can take a look – hopefully its not like Bequai which seemed to be a money making venture – this certainly isn't touristy – there are just Incentive and us here!