Hermitage Bay, Antigua.

Steve & Carol
Thu 3 May 2018 16:42

7:05.20N 61:53.72W
Moved 2 miles to Hermitage bay to see Liz and Devin on Moosetracks who we last saw in the Bahamas in 2013, They are anchored in this pretty bay with 5 other boats they are friends with.
We were immediately invited to a beach BBQ to meet everyone - Party Time. One of the boats is South African - Out of Africa with John and Joanne on board - John apparently is the BBQ King - or Braai as its known in South Africa. We had a great evening good company and good food.

I was invited to join everyone and go noodling the next morning, noodling is water aerobics exercises with a aqua noodle  - Steve declined the experience! We have seen groups noodling at various anchorages but have never felt the need to join in however I’m game to try most things and so set off for my first noodling session at 9 the next morning, it was actually good fun I got to know everyone a bit more and excessed for an hour in the process, i even went the next day as well! We then headed back to Jolly Harbour for a few days to catch up with our friends Will, Alyssa and the 3 girls on Moonlighting.

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