St Pierre

Steve & Carol
Thu 19 Apr 2018 22:16
14:44.37N 61:10.65W
We had a short sail up to St Pierre and anchored off the town. It’s good to be in clear water again and we went for a snorkel and cleaned some of the Forte De France growth off the hull.
I was surprised to see so many lion fish here, we have only seen a couple so far this season but there are plenty here out in the open beside objects on the bottom - there is even one made a temporary shelter by the anchor of the boat behind! While snorkelling we also found this face sculpture on the bottom along with a whale tail and what looked like a foot!
While in St Pierre we were boarded by 4 Customs officers, two filled in forms while two had a quick look around below decks, they were quite friendly and visited a few boats in  the anchorage. We were also boarded by a very unwelcomed large cockroach – we had uncovered the mainsail as leaving for Guadeloupe at first light and put the sail cover in one of the front cabins, as we relaxed watching a film in the evening a big cockroach flew from the front of the boat into the saloon and landed on a curtain – we frantically searched for insect spray while it scurried behind another curtain to which I promptly emptied half the can in its general direction, Steve then took the curtain down and the bloody thing wasn't there, we then sprayed all the joins in the headlining in case it had gone up there – by this point we were being poisoned ourselves from the fumes! Eventually we found it almost dead on the floor in one of the front cabins and Steve promptly dispatched it overboard, we assume it came in on the sail cover hopefully it didn't have any friends with it when it arrived!