Day 19, it goes on and on!

Steve & Carol
Wed 29 May 2013 12:55
37:45.46N 32.30.56W
Well not a lot to say except we are very bored of all this and really would like the wind to do what its supposed to and go southeasterly, we have some good moments when we manage to sail more towards Horta but on the whole the wind is coming directly from there, so we are tacking 60 degrees off our destination getting there very slowly. Our wind instrument has now given up – no doubt out of despair at constantly giving us bad news!
One good thing is a skywalk app on the i-pad which is excellent for learning constellations and stars etc, you lock the screen on a known object then if you hold it up and move it it names and outlines all the constellations and night objects - I love it, but only good on a clear night!