Sliema Malta

Steve & Carol
Thu 13 Apr 2023 15:48
We spent a few days stocking up with goodies, buying some new dive bottles and hanging out with Tracey and Gui from Barefoot, a couple we met in Monastir. We had fun, Tracey, Gui and Steve enjoyed trying some local ales -  Steve’s verdict - apart from being cloudy it wasn’t like a British ale but better than lager 😂. Tracey and Gui left before us and headed to Siracusa while we stayed a couple of days more, did some more shopping, some boat jobs and caught up with Bob and Heather on Amorgos Blue when they arrived in Sliema, we ended up heading off before we had intended to missing the opportunity to catch up with my friend Tony, the weather window looked too good to miss and we were keen to be on the move.