Cayo Remanso, Isla Carenero,

Steve & Carol
Wed 13 Jun 2018 16:45
11:53.16N 066:50.69W
We had a very pleasant 2 nights at Crasky, at our end of the island were a couple of French boats and 2 large Venezuelan motor boats, we walked almost the length of the island along the beach which reminded me of Barbuda with its pink sand, on the way we met Rudi (a friend of Rik and Sanne ) who we had met briefly in St Martin, he was with 3 other Dutch boats that were anchored in the southern anchorage, they had all arrived from St Martin that morning and hadn't checked in to Gran Roques yet, one of the boats has been coming here for 9 years and never checks in at all!
There isn't much on the island, there are some ruins which the pilot book says were once a hotel but it was closed down by the Inparques in an effort to preserve the natural state of the island, there are a couple of fishermen houses and little else. In the evening we went ashore for downers on the beach with Rik and Sanne and met some of the other Dutch cruisers including Agnes and Rob who we had met before in Portimao.
Yesterday we had a slow day, we went in the water and cleaned the hull for an hour or so and then in afternoon went ashore with Rik and Sanne for a BBQ on the beach, Sanne had been fishing and caught 2 small fish she cooked – I stuck to my chickpea burgers!!
Today we have sailed the 6/7 miles to Isla Carenero and anchored in the very sheltered lagoon between Cayo Remasco and Filipe. Its a grey day and we have even had a little rain when we arrived which was welcomed as I have managed to clean the spray hood and a few other bits without wasting fresh water!