All set to go again!

Steve & Carol
Fri 10 May 2013 23:57
We picked up the sail this afternoon and it’s fitted back on the boat, it now has new spectra webbing at the head protected from the sun by some material, the other webbing on the sail that wasn't protected also got re-stitched then covered with some sun strip as well and they checked the sail over re-stitching where they thought necessary, the repair didn't cost as much as we had expected which was a bonus, I think I either misheard the quote before or they messed up the invoice!
I looked up the blog of a boat we met who is currently on the ARC Europe rally home to the UK via Bermuda and the Azores, they had 135 miles to go and had motored for 56 hours so far!! Glad we didn't leave with them like some other boats we know.
We plan to head out again tomorrow morning, the weather looks good, lighter winds but more south-easterly which is good for us but we are expecting some rain especially on Sunday, so at least we should all get a good wash! Lets hope the next entry on the blog is when we are underway sailing with fair winds!