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Steve & Carol
Thu 7 Jul 2022 15:22
42:24.455N 018:41.681E
We were expecting most cruising yachts to seek refuge behind the island from the forecast weather and found ourselves a nice spot a bit further along and better protected than our previous spot, Kejstral anchored nearby not long after us. once settled in we went off in the dinghy towards Tivat to find a chandlery that’s not far from the dinghy dock and get a Montenegrin courtesy flag as well as take a look at another dock from which we hope we can take a short walk to have another go at getting our gas bottles filled! On our way back to the boat we stopped at Kejstral and accepted their invitation of drinks onboard later. 
The following morning Adriana arrived and anchored nearby as well as a few other boats and the weather was beginning to look a bit grey, as we did however risk taking one of our gas bottles and a camping gas bottle across to the gas refill station - sadly here again they were unable to refill the UK tank despite the man trying all their fittings 2 or 3 times but we did get the camping gas filled for €6.00, by the time we got back it was raining and so we took the opportunity to don swim ware and start to clean the deck as best we could catching rainwater to wash it off with - it wasn't really raining hard enough to do the foredeck teak so we gave up but the cockpit and stern deck looked so much better:
Deck looking rather grubby and sad for itself before getting cleaned, once cleaned and looking so much happier dried and clean the next day 🙂.
Come the evening it was blustery with a very grey and moody sky.
A couple of late comers had a bit of bother trying to anchor and a local trip boat which went into the bay next to us managed to pull the anchor up on a boat anchored there, we were fine - we moved around a lot more than the boats anchored nearer the shore than us but not as much as some of the other boats who had loads of anchor chain out and were flying all over the place! We could also see the sea state past the end of the island and realised just how well protected we were as there was very little fetch so no waves, the wind continued to be blustery overnight with gusts of 30+ knots, out of the islands shelter, between the island and the mainland a friend saw 45knots when he moved to a different anchorage after getting a bit close to another boat!