Lee Bay, Great Camanoe Island, BVI

Steve & Carol
Sat 28 Dec 2019 13:20
18:28.249N 63:32.094W
We had a slow sail from Virgin Gorda, we went to Great Dog island to see if we could pick up a buoy and snorkel or dive a site there but due to the northerly swell the moorings were untenable so we carried on to Trellis Bay on Beef Island - there is going to be live music here on New Years Eve and as we have never been to the bay we thought we would check it out - as per the reviews it is full of moorings and there is very little room left to anchor, there are derelict boats along the southern shore left from the Hurricanes, we didn't even bother trying to anchor so need another plan for the new year! We carried on and came to Lee Bay which was empty, with a slight swell rolling in we decided to stop and see what it was like, once anchored it really wasn’t bad, the wind from the bow and swell from astern made it quite comfortable. We had the bay to ourselves and enjoyed watching the goats foraging on the shore near by and making their way slowly to some caves in the rocks for the night. The water still has very poor visibility, when you snorkel down to 3 or 4 meters you swim through a layer of marine organism/debris soup then it clears a bit but still so disappointing for us, it's not worth getting our dive gear wet for at all and snorkelling is not the experience we remember from our previous visits in 2012&13 😢!