Treasure Point, Norman Island.

Steve & Carol
Mon 18 Mar 2024 16:00
18:19.024N 064:37.369W
Next stop was an anchorage we have been to before on Norman Island, we did a shallow dive here to test our gear out, we went with John and Lucie for a dive on the nearby Indians - a group of rocks which has good fish and colours we have dived before a couple of times! Didn't get any great photos 😬 but a few ok ones! 
We also snorkelled round Treasure point to the the caves - which were disappointing, we did however see our friendly turtle who had been eating sea grass around Innamorata all day,
plenty of fish in the shallows though not all were as happy to pose as this school master!
And you can just about see the big nurse shark we saw briefly on our way back to the boat 😍.
We also met Simon and Kate on Carrick and had a lovely evening on board their boat - sadly they are only on a 1 year Atlantic circuit, Kate is flying home soon and Simon is sailing back  heading back -we may catch up in the Bahamas as Simon is heading there to pick up crew on his way home.