Cala Major

Steve & Carol
Tue 6 Jun 2023 17:00
39:33.033N 002:36.370E
We have ordered a new Battery powered outboard as our one is heavy and awkward to get on and off the dinghy so we need to take it off every time we lift the dinghy to move the boat or lift it at night. The new outboard is being delivered to the Oyster warehouse north of Palma so we are heading towards Palma to pick it up when it arrives and find a nice anchorage to pick it up from.
With the wind and swell direction changing it was a good time to up anchor, we set off at the same time as Teresa and Terry and after motor sailing for a short while we had a good sail to Cala Major which looked like it may be a good stop and anchored with Tortola, later when the wind died the swell rolled in 😬 we all had a rather uncomfortable bumpy night.