Gustavia, St Barts

Steve & Carol
Thu 22 Mar 2012 01:36
17:53.89N 62:51.45W
After an excellent few days in Barbuda where we caught up with Tony on Tactical Directions and met Yindee Plus and Muscatel(?spelling) for the first time. Yindee Plus are Chris, Sue and 8 year old twins Wilf & Sid, we went to the Frigate bird colony with them which was excellent, (sorry Angey and Jane) photo’s to follow and had great fun playing in dinghies and Tony’s kayaks. One day we had rowing/paddling races and the next we went for a dive with Tony on Tuscon Rock, which forms a reef off the island. Just a shallow dive but lots to see, even a few rays. Followed by Wilf and Sid playing in our sailing dinghy and on the kayaks, as soon as the boys got the hang of it they took all the adults out one by one before being let loose on their own.
Today we set off early for the sail to St Barts, on route to St Martin/Sint Maarten, after a disappointing start when the wind was light and from behind we picked up speed as a couple of small squalls passed by and have anchored in the very crowded bay outside Gustavia on St Barts, there is super yacht racing here in a couple of days so the place is packed with the compulsory abandoned French yachts (its a French island), super yachts and cruisers! We are planning to move on to St Martin/Sint Maarten in the morning.