Praia da Vitoria, Terceira. Azores

Steve & Carol
Fri 14 Jun 2013 17:08
38:43.83N 27:03.45W
Well we have been trying to leave for the UK, but the weather seems intent on keeping us here, initially we were setting off on Tuesday with friends on Vaiva, we didn't like the forecast and the low passing this weekend so opted not to leave. The weather is unstable and the forecasts were changing with every update, yesterday morning there were 2 different models for which route the low might take, we opted for the best scenario and set off, however when we got a later forecast which showed that the low was going to grow over biscay and hit us and after speaking to Mark on Vaiva, both he and us were experiencing stronger winds than predicted, even adding10knots to the gribs, so we took the easy option and headed for Terceira to wait for more stable weather and a better outlook. Its a nice town with a small marina so not a bad place to be for a few days.
Hope to be back for Christmas.

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