Long Island, Bahama's

Steve & Carol
Wed 30 Jan 2013 23:50
23:40.09N 75:20.60W
After a week at Georgetown we were chomping at the bit to move on, we had a good stay there, Vicki flew down for an overnight stay which we thoroughly enjoyed and we did a bit of exploring on a the ocean side of Stocking Island where we collected some pretty shells and on the way back we stopped off for Vicki to get a conch salad for her lunch and I hand fed a friendly stingray with the bits of a conch that aren't used in the salad,  the ray is obviously used to getting a free meal as it was hanging out in the shallows in front of the salad bar, you feed them as you do a horse with a flat hand and it goes over your hand and sucks the food into its mouth, it was very gentle and didn't mind being stroked. All too soon Vicki flew back to Nassau and we caught up with some other boats we know, the harbour is very big and the deep water and best protection for most boats is a good mile dinghy ride into town which with the constant force 4/5 we had was a wet affair to say the least as was trips to other boats. There is a large community of boats which spend the whole of the winter in Georgetown so there are lots of activities if you want to join in, we did go to a vegetarian pot luck where everyone takes a dish of food and you all have some of everything – the food wasn't Steve's thing but I enjoyed it and we met a few people there we didn't know before.
With the wind going southeast it was time to head out though and when the wind was not quite as high as predicted this morning we decided rather late that it was better to sail today than motor tomorrow as there will be very little wind after midday. so at about 11 am we set off and had a bit of a beat but managed to get to the top of Long Island after a few tacks and have anchored in a shallow bay with one other boat (rather different from the 200+ at Georgetown), tomorrow we will set off early and hope to sail the short distance to Conception Island before the wind dies.