Bonaire part 1

Steve & Carol
Sat 28 Jul 2018 18:06
Sorry for the long silence on the blog – all is well we just have been busy enjoying ourselves Party smile.
Sanne kindly gave us some lovely pictures of us sailing:
These are on route to Los Roques.
m_IMG_4131 m_IMG_4132[4]
On route to Bonaire
m_IMG_4239 m_IMG_4312 m_IMG_4309
We had some friends who were already here in Bonaire – Sara and Joan on Tangeroa were 4 moorings away, Anne and Bob on Baloo were on the mooring next to them and  Sanne and Rik ended up on a mooring nearer the town, we also recognised a few of the other 40 odd boats on moorings here and have made a lot of new friends since arriving.
View of our neighbours from our mooring.
m_DSC03256 m_DSC03258
After paying for the mooring and checking in we spent the first few days finding our way around the town, checking out the supermarkets, restocking our cupboards, socialising, snorkelling and doing our first Bonaire dive.
So far we have done 12 dives since we got here – probably not as many as we thought we would do but washing our kit takes a lot of fresh water and the dive compressor is a little antisocial for our neighbours! Steve also had a bit of a mishap with his BCD - I think it was my fault as it got caught when I was lowering it into the water! We were able to get it repaired but it took a few weeks so in the meanwhile we bought new ones!
Here are some of the marine life we have encountered mainly diving off the back of the boat.
Everyone loves an encounter with a turtle! Steve’s picture of me taking picture of this chap.
m_GOPR5096 m_PICT0418
m_PICT0609 m_PICT0424 m_GOPR5147
One of my favourites Honeycomb cowfish – love the horns and colour changes these fish do.
PICT0651 m_PICT0075 m_GOPR5231
Smooth trunkfish                                Trumpet fish                                       Spotted Drum fish
m_PICT0122 m_PICT0009 m_PICT0074
Blue Tang                                                    Friendly French angle fish waving hello, they have grumpy faces though!
m_PICT0445 m_GOPR5181a m_PICT0404
Some amazingly colourful coral                           and christmas tree worms
m_GOPR5032 m_PICT0490
                                                                             Baloon fish
m_GOPR5085 m_PICT0059
Lobster                                                        Pederson cleaner shrimp
m_PICT0020 m_PICT0027  
Banded coral shrimp                  Giant Anemone
m_PICT0117 m_PICT0034
Lion fish – not native to the Caribbean they are seen as an invasive carnivore with no natural predators although it is thought that grouper have acquired a taste for them.
m_PICT0013 m_PICT0015 m_PICT0078
Some friends we have dived with – Sara &  Joan      Rik
m_GOPR5029 m_GOPR5019
and of course pictures of us
m_PICT0119 m_PICT0252 m_GOPR4996
More on our land and marine adventures in the next posting.