Santa Maria Di Leuca

Steve & Carol
Tue 4 Oct 2022 14:51
The morning after we arrived the 2 Steves headed off to the coastguard and port police office to check into Italy - as we are only going to be spending a month or so in the Schengen area we thought we should do it legally this time, I was getting a bit worried when they didn’t return for almost 3 hours and then turned up with the police 😬, however it had taken them so long just because it did and there was nothing to worry about, the policeman just wanted to see my face to make sure it correlated with my passport picture and once I had appeared he handed the passports over, meanwhile the other Steve went to Jack the lad and picked Janine up in the dinghy so that they could make sure she was who she was meant to be!
Once we were all checked in and the police has gone we had a cup of tea with Steve and Janine, later we went for a wander to the town where we all had a very nice cake and cup of coffee, got a few supplies before heading back to the boats - looking at the weather we decided to head off tomorrow for another overnight passage to Sicily so I had some cooking to do so I wouldn’t have to bother tomorrow 😁.