Steve & Carol
Sat 9 Feb 2019 19:11
09:30.44N 78:47.66W
Next stop was the popular anchorage of Salardup in the Naguargandup chain of islands, here we met up with Fergus and Nev from Two drifters + Jules and Tim from Mojito. On the way into the anchorage one of our 2 chart plotters crashed which left us with minimal navigation info for getting into the anchorage - however it is one of the easier places to get to so we managed to get in and anchor safely. Steve then spent a while trying to work out why everything else had lost its data when the chart plotter crashed - we also have computer and iPad which have different more accurate charts on them but use the GPS info etc from the main system, hopefully with the help of Tim we now shouldn’t loose all the other info if the plotter crashes - we have had a few issues with the plotter in question which seems to have a gremlin in it as it does its own thing sometimes, we took it home last year to be checked and were told there was nothing wrong with it but there certainly is something funny going on still. Anyway we had a couple of days anchored there and a couple of great sundowner sessions one on Mojito and one on Innamorata, we know so many boats here either stragglers from group 1 who haven’t moved on to Shellter bay yet or cruisers we have met before, that we seem to spend a lot of the time socialising and not getting much else achieved Rolling on the floor laughing.
We did get an excellent Veggie boat arrive in the anchorage - the protocol is to put your fenders out and it comes around to everyone in turn, it was loaded with fruit, veg, flour, bread, tins, beer, wine, rum, soft drinks, cold box items etc and had more produce than any of the shops we have seen here, I got flour, and some fruit - pineapple, mango, passion fruit and bananas, with hindsight I should have got more but felt fairly well stocked for vegetables etc at the time - lesson learnt as have only had one veggie boat since with virtually nothing left but a few withered cabbages and lettuce!