Abrahams Bay Mayaguana

Steve & Carol
Fri 4 May 2012 00:44
22:21.55N 72:59.11W Sailed round the south of the island to Abrahams Bay which is a 5 x 1.5 mile area protected from the sea by a 5 mile long reef, within the area there are numerous shallows and Coral heads so you have to enter in good light to pick out the different seabed colours and go around the coral heads which are black areas. We followed after Tactical Directions and Eye Candy had gone in, Tony went first and we plotted his track as a guide which was helpful as you can’t always make out what happens a little way ahead and it was good to see where he had gone to aid our planning.
It was a good experience for our first entry into a difficult anchorage and we have our safe track in to follow on the way out. We went ashore in the dinghy to check in at customs which was pretty easy and then wandered around the few buildings that make up the town, there are only 400 inhabitants on the island. The locals were all very friendly and we chatted to some as we walked about. The life must be very simple here as there is no banking facility as we found out when we tried to pay the customs fee by card.  The only bar in town was closed as the electricity was down and the shop which was part of someone’s house was also closed as she had gone out. We shall probably move on in a couple of days after we’ve rested from the trip here but will enjoy the crystal clear water till then.