Heading to Canaries at last

Steve & Carol
Wed 6 Dec 2023 14:52
35:02.44N 008:33.098W
We set off with Amorgos Blue yesterday morning, headed west (to avoid entering an area with a higher risk of Orca interaction with yacht’s), before turning Southwest. The weather forecasts had all agreed we would have a downwind sail for the day then as we got onto a low pressure system in the night wind would increase come from forward of the beam and it would rain, as the system pass by, we would have light winds then down wind sail again. Forecast was true, we had less rain than expected and the wind never more then 22-23 knots but sea was choppy and it was pitch dark for the first half of the night. In the early hours the winds lightened some stars and the moon appeared. We had to motor for a few hours in the light winds, before we were sailing again this time on a starboard tack. Currently have wind just aft of the beam going along nicely at 6-6.5knots with reefed main and genoa and Amorgos Blue just behind us. We have both managed to get some rest today as didn’t get much in the night.

Position at 2pm UTC.