Day 5 only 1 to go!

Steve & Carol
Sat 3 Dec 2011 14:01
18:56.20N 21:53.58W
We had a quiet 24 hours with light winds, we had the cruising chute poled out all night then this morning we took the pole off the cruising chute and poled the genoa out to windward with the cruising chute to leeward for a while, something we haven't tried before but as Tsolo did the whole Pacific with sails set like that so thought we should try it, with the light winds it has helped keep us going, this morning however the wind has picked up a little and gone more easterly so the genoa has gone away.  Today we have light cloud cover so the solar panel's aren't getting much input, the tow gen though is doing well.
I have been busy making bread this morning and some dynema soft shackle while Steve caught up with some sleep having done a double shift in the night to let me sleep for longer.
We hope to make up some lost time as the winds are due to increase more today and tomorrow and have about 150 miles to go so hopefully when we update tomorrow we will have arrived in Sal, hence the update may be later in the day. This is our longest ever passage so far and with only one ship seen since we left by far the quietest.