True Blue Bay, Grenada

Steve & Carol
Wed 7 Mar 2018 16:30
11:59.93N 61:46.15W
After a good few days in Tyrell bay we decided to head to Grenada and set off with a good Easterly wind. Among the maintenance jobs we had done while there we had cleaned Innamorata’s bottom which had some growth on it, as we had put copper bottom on while she was out of the water before we left it was SO easy and just wiped off and it was especially good not to be wiping the antifoul off – last time we were away we ended up in a blue cloud of paint when we tried to clean the growth off.
With her nice clean hull we had a cracking sail down to True Blue Bay and anchored next to Steve on Hysteria -we had met Steve in Porto Santo and not expected to see again as he was planning to head south to Brazil and Patagonia, he did go to Brazil but then headed up here.