St Pierre, Martinique

Steve & Carol
Mon 20 Feb 2012 22:25
14:44.35N 61:10.66W Its Carnival in Martinique. We had a great time in Fort De France and saw the first of the parades yesterday, there is one every day for 3 days all with different themes, photo’s to follow when we get internet, there were thousands of people on the streets and not a policeman in sight – how refreshing. We met up with a couple of boats we knew already, Tony from Tactical Direction and Stuart & Steph from Matador plus we met a couple other Australian boats.
Today we have sailed up to St Pierre with Tactical Direction and Matador to go for a dive on the many wrecks here from the 1902 eruption of Mt Pelee.  So far we haven’t found them but will try again tomorrow.