Santa Cruz, Curacao

Steve & Carol
Sat 8 Dec 2018 00:54
12:18.53N 069:08.96W
The Suzie Too 2 rally has officially started, we all checked out of Curacao today and 14 of the 15 boats leaving Spanish water sailed 25 miles up the coast to anchor overnight at Santa Cruz. We had set up the Windpilot to try out for the first time, having never used wind steering before we expected it to take some getting used to, we were sailing downwind with just the Genoa and to begin with the boat just kept heading up into the wind but after a few detours and adjustments we seemed to get the hang of it, we were quite please with how well the boat went for a couple of hours being steered by the windpilot which were only having to adjust when the wind increased or shifted, we also like that it doesn’t drain the batteries which should be very good for long passages.
Its so good to be on the move again and nice to be travelling with other boats, tomorrow its and early start for the sail across to Aruba for a few days and then on to Colombia where we will be for Christmas and New Year.