Day 13

Steve & Carol
Tue 3 Jan 2012 14:54
13:42.27N 54:51.83W at 1400 UT
Last night was much better with a star filled sky and constant wind, we are still covering 150 miles a day with less than 300 to go as the crow flies but we  have a couple more gybes to do so it will be a bit more. We should arrive at custom Port St Charles at about 0600 local time which is UT-4 hours. After clearing customs we will go on to an anchorage off Bridgetown about 12 miles away anchor and sleep! A friend John from England is arriving in Barbados on holiday the same day as us so we will meet up with him which will be great and we are looking forward to him showing us around the island (he’s been there before).
Yesterday evening Steve noticed that our little petrol generator which had been secured (or so we thought) to the deck was missing, we think it may have gone overboard when a rogue wave hit the boat and made it heal violently, causing Steve a rude awakening as he was propelled head first to the bottom of the bed and throwing him against the side giving him a bump and taking some skin off his head!
I forgot to say yesterday that New Year’s Day after checking in with each other we found we were only about 20 miles north of Moonshadow one of the boats we left with, while Bandit was ahead further south west of us, both are going to Barbados so we will have a reunion there.
Thanks to my niece's for the daily Christmas jokes over the holiday period, some of them were actually quite good!