Back to Santa Ponca

Steve & Carol
Sat 24 Jun 2023 11:00
39:30.889N 002:28.378E
With the departure of Teresa and Terry we decided to go back to Santa Ponca and this time anchored much further into the bay in a nice spot of turquoise water followed by Steve and Janine who joined us and anchored nearby. That afternoon we had arranged to meet our friends Jon and Rena so headed into the marina to one of the restaurants and enjoyed a lovely tapas lunch and catch up with them. 
Over the next couple of days we went ashore with Steve and Janine to visit the bigger Eroski supermarket a short walk away and to the industrial estate north of the town where there is a chandlery as well as other shops and units. 
We walked past this rather nice windmill on our way to the chandlery. 
We also found an English butchers which sells back bacon and a range of British sausages, Steve got some Cumberland sausages and pork chipolatas to make a change - nice and easy to cook on the BBQ!