Datum Bay, Acklins Island, Bahamas.

Steve & Carol
Thu 7 Feb 2013 15:00
22:11.67N 74:16.89W
On Tuesday we went ashore at Landrail Point settlement on Crooked Island, the locals here are all Seventh Day Adventists and the town is very different from others we have seen in the Bahamas, the properties are well looked after and we were greeted by the smell of a lawnmower cutting grass in a nearby garden- not something you smell every day in the Caribbean! The gardens here were planted with vegetables and fruit trees I guess that there is more rainfall here as everywhere was lush and green. The locals were friendly and we would have liked to explore more but felt we should press on South. Yesterday we set off expecting to have to motor most of the way to Acklins island but ended up managing to sail the whole way in light winds. On route Denis and Pam caught a large Wahoo so we had a barbeque on the beach with them and Andy and Clare from Eye Candy who left in the early hours for the windward passage and Cuba. I have started trying to eat freshly caught fish and have tried Wahoo twice, its mild and not too fishy and if we ever catch a fish I hope it will be a Wahoo and not a tuna or Mahi Mahi (they are too pretty). Mind you we will have to start fishing if we want to catch one which we will now that we have run out of fresh meat.