New York

Steve & Carol
Thu 12 Jul 2012 18:18
We spend a day walking around the Liberty State Park area of New Jersey which is where the anchorage is located.
Manhattan from Liberty State Park.
The New Jersey 9/11 memorial.
Ellis Island which used to be and immigration station, in all some 12 million immigrants went through Ellis island on their way to new lives in the USA
We got the train from New Jersey into 33rd street and spent a day in New York seeing some of the sights, we plan to spend more time here when we head south again so didn't do too much. The way that the streets and avenues are set out and numbered makes finding things very easy and you always know exactly where you are.
The Empire State Building from street level
The parks are all full of tables and chairs - great places to stop and eat lunch in 
Time Square
We enjoyed what we saw and walked miles including along the highline which makes good use of unused train lines and is now a pleasant planted walkway through the city.