George Town, Great Exuma Island

Steve & Carol
Wed 9 May 2012 20:38
23:31.07N 75:45.44W We had a great time at Conception Island , snorkelled on the reef, went kayaking with Tony in the Mangroves where the water was clear instead of the usual muddy water you get around Mangroves, mind you Tony has 2 kayaks so me and Steve shared one which was hard work but good fun. We also saw a few sting rays and nurse sharks  which swam around the boats in the evening, have some good photo’s and will put them on when we get internet. Conception really was a wonderful Island – we love it and maybe we will go back next year. Today we have moved on to George Town on Great Exuma Island and are anchored off Stocking Island opposite George Town with 5 boats we know, today it is Pete on Norna’s Birthday so we are having a bit of a party later.