Steve & Carol
Wed 6 Feb 2019 19:05
09:26.491N 78:35.22W
We decided to sail down to Nargana for some fresh produce, we had heard from Marcus and Margie (Island Kea) that there may be a way to get money out here from a local. We set off with them and had a short sail to Nagana, when we arrived in the anchorage there were 5 group 2 boats already there. We anchored and went ashore and soon found Alberto the man for money and were able to get some out - not as much as we wanted but enough for now - the bank didn’t have much money in it! We will probably come back in a couple of weeks if we are running low, there are no ATMs until Portobello about 80 miles west of here and the banks here are just for Kuna use. They don't let foreigners get money out so we were not expecting to be able to get more however this man is a business man and has a card reader, he gets the money from the bank then you pay him via the card reader plus some commission which is well worth it. We found the vegetables a little lacking - there is apparently a food boat coming in tomorrow but for today we got a few rather old sad carrots, tomatoes, onions and a cabbage and I did find a block of mozzarella cheese which is always useful, we still have some cheese from the Dutch islands but its running low. Afterwards we had a drink with Marcus and Margie in the town before heading back to the boat and going to see Sisu where we found the sailors from all the other group 2 boats having a sun downer and joined them for a catch up and of course a drink.