Gran Tarajal - Fuerteventura.

Steve & Carol
Sun 6 Nov 2011 10:06
We came into the Marina yesterday so that we could fill with water and fully charge the batteries and also to socialise in town with 2 other boats - Rafiki (Load and Marlene) and Cuttyhunk a New Zealand boat with Irene, Chris, Helen and Justin. We had been in the day before to talk to the captain who allocated berths but when we came by boat they were occupied so we ended up on a pontoon with just the 3 boats, the pontoon was meant to be closed due to water leak and the water turned off but at only €11.58 a night not complaining. However five boats turned up for a fishing competition and  turned the water on washed their boats and partied, now know how to turn the water on!
Innamorata, Cuttyhunk, Rafiki
We had been waiting to go to a marina to fix a small leak on the raw water pump on the engine. Bad move, trying to remove the pulley from the shaft Steve broke it, we have ordered a new one to arrive on Monday but it needs to be taken somewhere else to be machined to fit. There is evidently nowhere to hire a car from here so we will probably have to jury rig an electric pump to do the job for short engine use and then sail to where the place is, but of course there will be no wind from Monday to Thurs next week. At least we are not stuck in a €40 a night marina and its a good job we didn't risk doing it at anchor as we can only run the engine for a very short time and would have been in trouble had we needed to move in a hurry!
We all went out last night– the first meal out we've had in the Canaries and had a great time, we will have to be here till Monday to pick up the new pulley and then hope to head off ( the original plan was to leave today for Gran Canaria!)
Loud, Marlene, Irene, Chris and Steve  
The prize fish in the Competition was a 201kg marlin (my nephews will be impressed).