Playa De Pozo Negro 01/11/11

Steve & Carol
Tue 1 Nov 2011 15:26
28:19.39N13:53.60W  Sailed + motor sailed down east coast Fuerteventura - which isn't  a very attractive island – very barren with little or no vegetation:
On the way we passed a holiday resort with a very green golf course which  looked very  strange and out of place! We took a look at Puerto Del Rosario on the way but decided not to stay there – the pilot book said yachts were discouraged and there really wasn’t anywhere to anchor so we headed further south and anchored in at Playa De Pozo Negro with a boat from New Zealand we had met in Rubicon. The bay has a handful of fisherman homes in it but little else, it was fairly sheltered but the swell found its way in and we had a rolly not so comfortable night!
The anchorage at Play de Pozo Negro