Bahia De Las Aguilas, Dominican Republis

Steve & Carol
Mon 25 Feb 2013 19:39
17:50.18N 071:37.88W
23/02/12 We had hoped to leave early as the wind is lighter in the morning so we went ashore to try and get our Despachos to move on, you need one of these for each stop along the way where there are Marina de Guerra (coast guards) they are meant to be free but no one seems to have told the Marina de Guerra’s this, anyway we went ashore to the office and asked for our despachos, the Comandancia who had been to our boat the day before wasn't there and so we waited while someone phoned him and assured us he would come soon so to sit and wait, which we did for 2 hours! Eventually he turned up wrote the despachos and asked for money - in the end we gave him $8 to let us go, by now the wind had picked up and as we pulled up the anchor it began to blow at over 30 knots gusting to 36 such fun, so we only went the short hop to the Bahia De Las Aguilas (bay of eagles) and anchored. The bay is probably quite nice but it was blowing a hooly so we didn't really appreciate it.