One more night to go!

Steve & Carol
Fri 26 Jan 2024 19:00
14:24.07N 059:33.68W @1800 UTC
We have had a reasonable past 24 hours with the wind forecast to get stronger as we approach land. Currently we have just had a squall and so the boat has had yet another wash while we remain unwashed! Quite frankly we just can’t wait to get to Martinique and anchor, the passage has been uncomfortable to say the least mainly due to the wave direction, we have’t had the following seas we had on our previous crossings! With the seas from starboard beam to aft quarter with side slaps thrown in! It’s made life on board tedious and difficult, cooking and food preparation are hard with things flying around the counter top but somehow I have managed to produce a hot meal every day.
We still have plenty of fresh veg which has kept since the Canaries, the veg from the Cape verses had to be eaten first as wasn’t lasting. Anyway all for now. We should arrive in the morning. We have 2 other sailing boats near by which is good.