Puerto Real

Steve & Carol
Tue 3 Mar 2020 08:36
We spent longer than we had anticipate in Puerto Real, I had the second part of my root canal treatment which determined the earliest we could leave and was in fact on the only suitable weather window day for heading off so messed up plan A, We hired a car for the trip to the dentist and took the opportunity to do some more provisioning for the Bahamas although we had to leave getting fresh produce until just before we actually left. While we were in Puerto Real we met a few new boats, most of the boats that came into the anchorage were heading East including our friends Tim and Jules on Mojito who stopped for a night on their way from the Dominican republic, we spent a lovely evening with them and all treated ourselves to a meal out, the following morning they headed out early taking advantage of the lack of wind to make progress against the prevailing wind direction. The popular place that most of the cruisers hang out in the evening was a nice little bar next to the Marina and we had a few sundowners there. 
A random Ocean Cruising club gathering with Neva, Tomskii Kastan, Wild Iris and Bojangles.
A weather window appeared and miraculously didn’t disappear or change too much so we are heading out today. It should take us 3 nights to get to Great Inagua in the Bahamas.