Fishing Bay, Deltaville.

Steve & Carol
Fri 10 May 2024 20:40
37:32.457N 076:20.219W
We made it to Fishing Bay, we have 2 options for lift out - Stingray Point not far as the crow flies but about 9 miles around the headland and shallows, if we can get into there tomorrow we will lift there, its very tide dependent and hopefully there is enough water tomorrow on the high tide with some extra depth from the northerly wind blowing today and tomorrow 🤞, if not we will lift at Zimmermans here in Fishing Bay on Monday.
We would prefer Stingray point so we can work on the bottom of Innamorata when we return to her, Zimmermans don't allow any sanding, bottom painting or spraying by boat owners - we will need to launch and move round to Stingray point when there is a decent tide then if we cant get there tomorrow!