Steve & Carol
Wed 14 Dec 2011 15:18
16:53.03N 24:59.60W
We left Sal yesterday for a night sail the 120 miles to Mindelo to arrive in daylight  today, we made good progress and had to slow down as to wait for daylight which gets later the further west we go. Pretty uneventful except for the 9 Egret’s who had a thought about trying to land on the boat about 10 miles from Palmeira (we were grateful they didn’t), they were battling into a headwind, tired and I assume don't like swimming!
The air quality since we arrived in Cape Verde has been terrible there is always a haze which actually is orange Sahara dust in the air, consequently we have a red ropes, sails, covers everything inside and outside the boat, you  get a good spray tan if you are out in it for too long. (I will put some photos on when we go to an internet cafe).