Isla Mujures, Mexico

Steve & Carol
Thu 9 May 2019 13:16
21:14.75N 86:44.678W
We left Utila at first light for the 320 mile passage to Mexico, during
the first day we had fairly constant strong force 6-7 winds and had a
great sail with just Genoa and Mizzen, on day 2 the good sailing continued
in a little lighter wind - we went a little too fast and spent the second
night trying to slow down so we didn't arrive in the dark. we had picked
up the north going Yucatan current which was pushing us along at 3-4 knots
so slowing down wasn't as easy as it sounds - we ended up with a tiny bit
of sail heading in the wrong direction but still going towards our
destination. We arrived not long after daylight at the beginning of the
channel in and were anchored inside the protected anchorage by 8am.

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