Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Steve & Carol
Wed 1 May 2013 19:57
17:00.79N 61:46.66W
We sailed round to Falmouth Harbour to catch up with friends who are here racing during Antigua Race week, Gerry settled in and took the helm. m_PICT0003                                                                                           
We passed some of the race boats on the way.
Outsider came with us and we met up with Loud and Marlene from Rafiki who we anchored next to. While in Falmouth we walked to English Harbour and took the bus to St John’s the Capital of Antigua.
The weather was overcast, hot and humid with the odd downpour, while there the Maltese Falcon was on the Quay and when she left her sails were being put out, quite an amazing sight but not a pretty boat!