Povoa De Varsim

Steve & Carol
Wed 21 Sep 2011 20:57
41:22.30N 08:45.90W We arrived here yesterday and had our first night in a Marina since Plymouth. We could hear a siren for about 7 miles and wondered whether it was a warning that harbour was closed or something, however it turned out to be the fog horn which seems to go off intermittently when its not foggy and as we found out today continuously when its foggy. We came here to go and visit Porto with Paul and Catherine and went on the train today, of course you cannot go to Porto without visiting a Port lodge for a tour and tasting!
Luis I bridge over the River at Porto.
                                                                                 North bank of River.
All the Port lodges on the south side    
                                                                                Barrels of Port in a port lodge.