Cala Codola

Steve & Carol
Thu 7 Sep 2023 14:00
38:56.92E 001:13.456E
A short sail to Cala Codola - another nice quiet anchorage - there were 5 boats including us, soon we were relaxing in the water and decided to give the hull a bit of a clean - anchored near by was a new Oyster 565 Adalia 2  who had said hello when they anchored, so we swam over, met James and Julia and invited them for a drink which they accepted and popped over after they had finished some boat jobs.
Apparently this is a place to go to see good sunsets and soon people were gathering on the shore, I think we had a better view though! 
The following day we went to have a look at the nearby cave - which was disappointing, and then I snorkelled around the Cala - even managing to catch a glimpse of a small octopus trying to hide from passing snorkelers!