Steve & Carol
Sun 13 Jan 2019 10:12
We didn't plan to spend as long as the rally suggested in Cartagena and so only spent 6 days there.  A Group of us went on a city tour with a great local guide who spoke perfect English and made the tour fun, first we visited Castillo de Filipe De Berajas – a fortress on the hill overlooking approaches to the city by land and sea. Basically the fortress is a series of walls and tunnels built around and through a hill!
m_DSC06076 m_DSC06071
m_DSC06008  m_DSC06036 m_DSC06016 m_DSC06032 m_DSC06007 m_DSC06044m_DSC06046 m_DSC06009 m_DSC06056
View of Club de Pesca and you can just see a couple of rally boats in the anchoragem_DSC06050
After the fort we visited Convento de la Popa – which is in fact a monastery not a convent on the top of Mount Popa the highest hill in Cartagena and has some great views over the whole city, today it is a museum.
 m_DSC06079 m_DSC06088m_DSC06117 m_DSC06109 
m_DSC06097 m_DSC06102 m_DSC06104
Next was a walk through the walled city where we learned about how social status was defined – not by the size of the property but by a property having a balcony between levels as in the first picture! Houses also used to have door knockers which depicted the profession of the house owner – fish sea merchant community and a lizard is meant to depict royalty!
m_DSC06132m_DSC06119 m_DSC06123 DSC06131
Out and about in Cartagena
m_IMAG2181 m_IMAG2182 m_20190109_203124m_IMAG2185
On an evening out in town with a couple of other boats we hoped to see some salsa dancing in the streets but the only dancing we saw was a Michael Jackson copycat so we headed for a bar called Cafe Havana, recommended on a blog site as the place to go.
When we got there we found there was an entrance fee, the band didn’t start till eleven and the drinks were going to be expensive, so we went to the bar above the club till 11 ( drinks 1/3 of the club prices), it turned into a late night for us!
m_50337795_2138748959525310_8893671372048302080_n m_49739201_2138749519525254_9109068723586596864_n
The highlight of the stay for me was our Sloth and monkey hunt in the Parque del Centrenario, we had walked thorough the park before but decided it was the wrong place as it was small and didn’t look like the sort of park that sloths would live in so didn't look very hard – having looked very hard, having spoken to people who had seen them we found it was the right place and went back for another look, we were told to look out for people looking up at the trees and soon saw some people looking at monkeys, these were quite hard to photograph as the bright sky just made them look black!
m_DSC06151 m_DSC06186
m_DSC06189 m_DSC06195 m_DSC06237
next we found some people looking at a big Iguana in a tree:
m_DSC06164 m_DSC06168
After this we looked around for sloths or people looking up and found nothing, we were about to give up when Steve noticed one only a couple of meters above head level – it seemed to be changing trees, I started to take pictures and soon there was a crowd of people all watching it, as it descended and turned we spotted a baby hanging on to its tummy –Sooooo cute and
m_DSC06270 m_DSC06240 m_DSC06289 m_DSC06300  m_DSC06306 m_DSC06360
Now I was content to leave and continue on our journey, hopefully we will meet more lovely sloths on our travels in Panama Smile .