Isla Gavina, Rendezvous with friends Teresa and Terry.

Steve & Carol
Fri 2 Jun 2023 15:48
39:20.224N 002:59.107E
Another slow sail south - we went into Cala Mondrago but the swell was rolling in so we decided to keep going looking into a couple more anchorage before we ended up near Colonia Sant Jordi and anchored just north of Isla Gavina in lovely turquoise water, the anchorage runs all along this long beach which has a town at each end. Isa a massive area to anchor in with nice sand the whole way along and only a few patches of Posidonia weed nearer the towns and in deeper water - its ideal and so large there is room for many boats not too close together - we hope! After settling into the anchorage we went for a walk ashore to see what its like, on the way into the town there is a small salt works venture - sadly too small for there to be any 🦩.
The side of town nearest our anchorage is mainly holiday apartments and hotels and there aren’t many buildings with character, however the further into the town you go the nicer it is. Later in the day Teresa and Terry arrived on their yacht Tortola from the opposite direction and anchored close by. Fantastic to see them in the Med - they are friends from Brighton and we last sailed with them when we went to the west country together in summer 2020. 
Obviously we had some catching up to do and spent a few days in the anchorage with them. During our stay there were quite few thunderstorms inland and towards the Palma area while we had some northerly wind we avoided the bad weather.