Crasky photos

Steve & Carol
Tue 12 Jun 2018 15:15
This island has a stunning beach with pink sand, it’s beautiful, we walked along the beach with Rik and Sanne, the north tip and east coast are very rocky and people have created pyramids of stones
m_DSC02605  m_DSC02609m_DSC02608 m_DSC02619
Sadly there is a fair but of litter here as well as coral debris – humans are so disrespectful of the sea!
m_DSC02633 m_DSC02654
THe island has a couple of fishermens homes on it,
m_DSC02658 m_DSC02666 m_DSC02670 m_DSC02659
The first evening we went ashore with Rik and Sanne for sundowners and the second evening we had a BBQ on the beach –it’s a hard life!
m_DSC02690 m_PICT0101 m_IMG_1510